On 2 June 2018, the Spanish Orienteering Federation approved the orienteering races that make up the XIV Orienteering Throphy ‘5 Días de España’ were eligible for the Spanish Orienteering League and the 2020 Spanish Sprint League.

Subsequently, through the Spanish Orienteering Federation, the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) was requested that the Medium Distance event to be held on August 29 in Cueva del Hierro be classified as a “World Ranking Event” (WRE) (event valid for the World League), which was granted.

All type of sports activities of the Castilla- La Mancha Federation has been cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. This decision was highlighted in the 14 March 463/2020 Royal Decree because of alarm state.

Considering the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the measures that are currently being applied. This is solved by:

First.- Request the FEDO Government bodies to postpone the XIV Trofeo Quijotes ‘5 Días de España’.

Second- Keep in touch with the Boards of Directors of the Orienteering Federation of Castilla y León and the Navaleno Orientation Club to explore the possibility of organizing the XIV Trofeo Quijotes’ ‘5 Días de España’ at the end of August 2021, this would mean the displacement of the VIII Trofeo Pinares Trophy  ‘5 Días de España’ to the 2022 season.

Third.- To inform the Sports Authorities of the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha, the Cuenca Provincial Council and local corporations about the decision to postpone the intention to hold the competition in summers of 2021 (preferably) or 2022.

Fourth.- To inform the sponsors, collaborators and suppliers of the XIV Trofeo Quijotes ‘5 Días de España’ about the decision to postpone the intention to hold the competition in summers of 2021 (preferably) or 2022.

Fifth.- To inform the hotels, hostels, rural accommodation and camping of the Serranía Alta de Cuenca about the decision to postpone the intention to hold the competition in summers of 2021 (preferably) or 2022.

Sixth.- To request the FEDO Treasury to refund the registration fees made by the SICO platform and paid by the POS system.

Seventh.- To order the DATED Treasury to return the registration fees made by the platform “orienteering on line” and paid by Bank Transfer.


Boletín 1.-

Boletin 1 Bulletin 1 published in English







One of the challenges in any competition is the accommodation but to plan it for the Trofeo Quijotes – 5 Días de España a proactive planning is needed. The reason is especially the depopulation in those zone near the competitions which is great considering from a sporty point of view but there is a low supply of hotels and rented accommodation.  So if you book the accommodation ahead you will be able to find a lot more offer closer to the competition center.

The organization encourages you to find your accommodation as soon as possible although please do not panic because the capital city of Cuenca always will be an option. Cuenca is a
UNESCO world heritage city situated in the province of the same name, of which it is the capital. There you can find many cultural alternatives, culinary food, and leisure. Luckily the Trofeo Quijotes – 5 Días de España coincides with the Ferias de San Julian where you can find a variety of cultural attractions as live music, funfair, horse races, and craft fair, among others.

Please, check on the website the already advance guidelines about accommodation. LINK TO ACCOMMODATION


PRESENTATION by the Director of the event

We are delighted to announce the XIV Orienteering event  ‘Trofeo Quijotes – Cinco Días de España’, which will take place in the heart of the Cuenca Mountains in 2020. The Castilla – La Mancha Orienteering Federation is working closely with others regional clubs in order to organize this great challenge in the unbeatable scenario of Cuenca.

“This tournament is the results of the ‘Trofeo Quijotes in 2016’ and many Spanish Orienteer’s still keep the feeling of racing around the gigantic rocks in the mythical ‘Ciudad Encantada’. There are plenty of choices where the participants have enjoyed previously in the surrounding areas such as los ‘Callejones de Las Majadas’ or ‘La Muela de San Felipe’. Both are stunning landscapes for practising Orienteering ideally. Orienteers, every year, keep coming to the SOC (Serrania Orientering Camp) for a week to enjoy the blessing of our nature” – says Montse Rodríguez.  From now on, we wish to share the International event with you and to accomplish this intrepid adventure in August of 2020.

The Cuenca Mountains offer the satisfactory conditions to promote Orienteering races. We have the different locations set, the willing cartographer already working in the land and a total amount of six maps in a year ahead. Please, go and search for the rocky grounds such as: ‘La Cueva del Hierro y Carrascosa’, ‘Fresneda de la Sierra’ mostly plenty of oak trees, ‘Cañamares’ and its slopes of Austrian pine, the incredible pine forest, the stones in ‘La Muela de Marojales’ and the historical backdrop of the Priego’s city.

It is important to pin down the low population density along with the pure woods. So, the challenge is clear.

Taking into account the dates of the event (from the 26th to 30th of August 2020) and the altitude (4921ft), we will enjoy a mild weather which will be far away from the Mediterranean hit. Moreover the competition programme will allow us to enjoy with the cultural and adventurous features in the province of Cuenca.

Facts speak for themselves and the committed human team, plenty of recognised technical support and organizational experience, is working closely on the ‘Cinco Días de España de 2020’. This is an event not to be missed. Save the date!

Montserrat Rodríguez Guixà

Directora del Trofeo Quijotes – 5 días de España